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Our History

The New Covenant Presbyterian Church   

Officially organized on October 30, 1966. The new congregation felt the Call of God to reach out to persons seeking Christ with more than just words, but with action and service. The present edifice was constructed by the St. John’s  Presbyterian Church which was dissolved on October 1, 1965. Begun as a mission congregation, the New Covenant congregation became financially self-supporting in 1975.

Living up to it’s purpose of being “A Church for All People,” New Covenant’s membership peaked at over 300 persons, and the Church became known as the first southern congregation in the Presbyterian Church (USA) to break racial barriers, as a racially integrated, multi-cultural congregation. A leader in community conversations, particularly during the McDuffie race riots in the early 1980s, New Covenant convened meetings to address tensions in the community in an effort to help keep the peace. New Covenant also hosted nationally respected thought leaders, including Angela Davis and many other notable leaders, and was an integral part of the community.

New Covenant has been served by five installed pastors:
  • The Reverend Bruce Robertson (March 1967- May 1969)

  • The Reverend Dr. Irvin Elligan, Jr.. Pastor Emeritus (April 1970- December 1985)

  • The Reverend Dr.Y.Jacqueline Rhoades, Associate Pastor (September 1970-1973)

  • The Reverend Dr. Ronald E. Peters (September 1987- June 1991)

  • The Reverend Dr. Arthur Myers, Jr. (April 1993-1998)


Several pastors have served as Interim Pastors or Stated Supply Pastors:
  • The Reverend Dr. Lawrence W. Bottoms, Interim

  • The Reverend John Sharp, Seminarian Pastor

  • The Reverend P. Jefferson, Interim (July 1991- February 1992)

  • The Reverend Dr. Y. Jacqueline Rhoades, Interim (February 1992- April 1993)

  • The Reverend Dr. Audley Reid, Stated Supply (December 2001- November 2005)

  • The Reverend Constance Bright, Stated Supply (December 2005- 2012) 

  • The Reverend Daniel Morales, Stated Supply (January 2018- present)

How it started...

October 1, 1964 

St. John’s Presbyterian Church , located at the curent site of the church, 4300 NW 12th Ave, was dissolved on October 1, 1964.  For the next months a Steering Committee met for prayer, study, and examination of possible areas of ministry and service.  In February of 1965, study groups met for three hours per session each Sunday.  During this time, we were able to establish a dialogue between the Steering Committee and the community.

April 1, 1965 

We began our regular program of worship and systematic study. We were joined in this venture by a congregation that had been brought together under the leadership of a dynamic lay preacher, The Late Reverend Alfonso Mozell. Leadership for Church School and Worship services was provided from the congregation itself and from Westminister Church and other churches of the city.  Attendance for Church School was one hundred persons. The Steering Committee was aware that what they had been doing was the result of the operation of God's spirit upon them and upon the community. 

April 19, 1966 

The Reverend Dr. Lawrence W. Bottoms, Atlanta, was presented and spoke on the New Covenant Experience in Miami. He spoke on seeking a strategy for Church Extension that was needed because of changing and moving population, and suggested reliance on self-help, using committed people as a task force, and learning through dialogue. 

October 18, 1966

The New Covenant Fellowship of Miami presented a petition for organization and the Home Mission Committee found this in order and concurred in the petition, recommending that Presbytery hears Mr Roland Johnson, Chairman of the Steering Committee who presented the request and members of the New Covenant Fellowship.

October 30. 1966 

The Commission to organize the New Covenant Presbyterian Church was appointed as follows:



Georée Clementson, Moderator Samuel Houck, Robert J. Ostensen, Georée E. Dameron; Elders: Armion Leonard, Albert Hinson, Joseph Clotfelter, Roland Johnson, John B. Turner, and Earl Mizell.

October 30, 1966

Rev. Dale Ratliff was authorized by Presbytery to serve as Moderator of the Session until a Pastor is called. Rev. George Clementson led in prayer for this new church.

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