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We are a service-oriented church that believes serving others, within and beyond the walls of our church building, is a vital part of doing God's work. New Covenant has also allowed the facilities to be utilized by organizations including the American Black Family Community Center (CCSA) providing services to area residents and the tenants organization. The congregation established the Elizabeth E. Curtis Day Care Center which operated until 2005. Other building usages have included: Village Youth Program, a recreational center for neighborhood youth, Scouting Programs for Boy and Girl Scouts of America, a class piano laboratory, the Kumba Project, a summer cultural enhancement program, after-school tutorial programs, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation meetings. Having begun as a mission endeavor, the congregation has and continues to be a supporter of local and denominational mission work. 

In furtherance of its purpose, New Covenant is currently missioning with the Smile Trust. Inc. The Smile Trust, Inc. is an international nonprofit organization that fights against homelessness and works toward fixing food insecurities. Their programming includes Smile Day, The Community Emergency Operations Center, and Agrihoods. For more information about The Smile Trust, Inc., please visit their website at

We Serve
Hold a Christmas bazaar with a
clothing donation component
Distribute food to those in need among other regular and one-time projects
Organize health and wellness
fairs for our neighbors
Support a community garden
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